My Work

Please check out my GitHub account to see the code for the following projects!

Opioid Crisis Website
(School Project)

Built with Python Django and uses PostgreSQL. Is a CRUD app and was connected via API to an Azure ML model that recommends non opiate drugs for doctors to prescribe.

We wanted to help doctors prescribe less opioids, which is currently one of the best ways to remediate the opioid crisis.


I built this because my family often cannot decide on a movie to watch together. Sometimes we would be so indecisive that our opportunity to watch a movie passed and we ended up watching nothing.

This is a simple CRUD app that facilitates groups voting for a movie to watch.


Utah Car Accident Awareness
(School Project)

Built with the ASP.NET framework, deployed on Elastic Beanstalk with RDS & elastic load balancer.

The app was connected to an interactive ML model that Predicts car crash severity based on certain variables. We designed this app to help lawmakers in Utah legislate based on significant ML insights and reduce car crashes.

Restaurant Reviews
(School Project)

Crud App for people in Utah Valley to add their favorite restaurants and menu item from those restaurants!