Brigham Young University | Marriott School of Business Master of Information Systems Management (2024)


Academic: Fall 2021 - Winter 2022
Department: Fall 2022 - Winter 2024


BYU Association for Information Systems
BYU Melee


Learned the importance of using optimal data structures and algorithms! Learned to make a working solution, then look for optimizations. Study and practice of data structures and algorithms has made me a better developer.

Learned and practiced with AWS! Learned how to deploy websites with VMs and with Containers. Some key services I learned are: EC2, EBS, RDS, VPC, Lambda, CloudFormation, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, IAM, Code Pipeline, and ECS.

Learned about AWS's serverless offerings! Learned how to deploy websites using serverless resources.

This class was a deep dive into JavaScript and how web development has evolved in the last decade. We ended by getting an intro into REACT, and I have continued to learn and practice with REACT.

Learned C# and ASP.NET! Learned full stack web development of CRUD apps.

Learned Python and Django! Learned full stack web development of CRUD apps.

Learned Pandas Dataframes! Learned machine-learning algorithms for predicting numeric and categorical outcomes, clustering and segmentation, anomaly detection, and model quality evaluation.

Learned how to approach and solve business problems. This is one of the most valuable classes I have taken because good sys analysis and design greatly increases the chances that a project will succeed. I use the skills I learned from this class almost daily in my current job.

Learned SwiftUI and XCode! Practiced making Iphone apps and using the MVVM framework.

Learned SQL, Database design, and how to interact with databases. I am familiar with SQLServer, RDS, and Postgres. I use my SQL skills often as a Salesforce Developer.

I took 2 of these classes, one from the IS department and one from the CS department. I learned C++, Java Script, and how to make CRUD apps.