About Me

I love people, technology, and business
Trevor and Allie Shumway at Subway Cave Lava Tubes, Shasta, California

I am currently getting my Masters of Information Systems Management at the BYU Marriott School of Business. I graduate in 2024. I love web and software developement. On the left is a picture of me and my beautiful wife, Allie! We got married in September of 2022.

I am a Salesforce developer at SOLVD.cloud, a Salesforce consulting company. I love how my job intersects consulting and software development because I gain so many new experiences. Every couple of months I am introduced to a new client, and I get to see their code base and learn new ways to problem solve and approach custom code.

I also love music: listening to music, playing instruments, and singing. In 2020 I had the opportunity to play my electric guitar for over two thousand people!

Watch my band covering "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival for work as TAs in BYU's American Heritage department!

Here is another video of me playing the guitar and singing an iconic Andean folk song called "El Condor Pasa".

I also like dancing, drawing, and painting. I used to go country swing dancing often. I enjoy playing and watching sports like football, basketball, and tennis.

Additionally, I really enjoy being outdoors. I like camping, fishing, hiking, and riding dirt bikes.

Trevor Shumway performing electric guitar live for BYU's American Heritage class

Here is a 30 second video telling you a little bit more about me.